Photos from the 1998-2004 rebuild

** marks milestone photos

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Copyright © 2004 by David W. McIntyre. All Rights Reserved.

5/24/04: New Pistons and Engine Damage
4/21/04: Pulling the Engine after VIR Blammo
3/17/04: Current status
3/17/04: A month of updates getting ready for first test day
1/30/04: More interior
1/23/04: Wiring work
1/8/04: More dashboard progress
1/6/04: New cross bar and steering column bracket
12/27/2003: More cleaning up and removing unused metal
12/14/2003: Cleaning up the interior
10/27/2003: Season is Over; get ready for 2004
09/2003: Preparing Brakes for Watkins Glen
07/29/2003: Mont Tremblant Crash Damage
07/12/2003: New flywheel, clutch and shifter
06/11/2003: Engine back in - almost ready for Lime Rock
06/07/2003: Getting ready for more racing
04/29/2003: Rear bulkhead and other bodywork
04/24/2003: Engine oil/fuel plumbing and wiring done
04/23/2003: Engine installed into car
04/20/2003: Engine back from Rebuild
04/19/2003: More front end and body work
04/15/2003: Update on recent work
03/10/2003: Front end fabrication and flare installation
01/19/2003: Further front end fabrication
01/06/2003: More work on the top front brackets
01/04/2003: Rebuilding the front bodywork
12/22/2002 Engine pulled for rebuild
12/20/2002: Getting ready to cut out some sheet metal
11/08/2002: Rebuilding the engine at the National Champ Race
11/04/2002: Fixing the exhaust so it won't break at the Champ Race
10/27/2002: Late Season Updates
08/04/2002: Installing the new suspension
07/28/2002: Various Fixes
07/25/2002: Test-fitting the new installation
(note: sway bar is upside-down!)
07/24/2002: Starting to install the new suspension
05/26/2002: Getting ready for Lime Rock and Watkins Glen
05/07/2002: Recap of the last several months' work
04/06/2002: New oil cooler
12/27/2001: More progress at VAC
11/10/2001: Repairs in progress at VAC
08/06/2001: Painting the Panels
07/28/2001: Painting the panels
07/04/2001: The Pocono Aftermath!
06/24/2001: Ready for the second track day!
06/04/2001: Race Day!
06/02/2001: T minus 2
06/01/2001: T minus 3 and counting...
05/31/2001: T minus 4
5/29/2001: T minus 5 and counting...
05/28/2001: T minus 6 and counting (where is the engine?)
05/23/2001: T minus 12 and counting
05/19/2001: Ready for the Exhaust System
05/14/2001: Still Small Steps
05/12/2001: More Small Steps
04/13/2001: Little Steps
03/10/2001: Tony gets the Engine
03/05/2001: This is Progress? Engine is pulled...
02/27/2001: Dry Sump Pump Install / Motor Mounts
02/26/2001: Parts Keep Arrivin'
02/19/2001: Momentum...
02/18/2001: More February Progress
02/11/2001: Misc February Progress
01/18/2001: Lots of progress...going to finish this thing
11/26/2000: Trunk floor fabrication (take 2)
11/16/2000: Dry cell battery installation
11/11/2000: Trunk Floor Fabrication
10/28/2000: The pace picks up
03/05/2000: Small progress
6-7/1999: Various Progress
04/18/1999: Engine is Finally Started!!!
04/12/1999: Mid-April Progress
04/03/1999: Early April Progress
03/13/1999: Car back from Kurt Weiss
01/18/1999: Getting the Car Ready to Send to Kurt
01/13/1999: January Progress
11/28/1998: Sunroof Drain Details
11/24/1998: New Shifter / Oiling System
09/12/1998: Engine into the Car!!
08/25/1998: Clutch, Flywheel and Transmission Installation
08/20/1998: The Engine is Done! (and Quaife Arrives)
08/13/1998: Early August Progress
7/1998: Early July Progress
5-6/1998: Late May / Early June Progress
The Old Engine is Shipped Away
The Engine Core Arrives
Early Winter Photos
Before the Rebuild

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